Who Qualifies

Children are selected for Laces of Love shoes by their guidance counselor, school nurse, teacher, or principal or by a staff member or Executive Director of a non-for profit organization serving the child.

The adult will measure the child’s feet for proper fit and let Laces of Love know the child’s age, sex, and shoe size. If we don’t already have appropriate shoes on hand from recent shoe drives or shoe parties, Laces of Love “buyers” will purchase shoes for the child and deliver them to the guidance counselor or adult who made the request. The child will then be called to the office, fitted, and given their NEW shoes in the privacy of the staff offices. All shoes have a Laces of Love tag on them so the child can show his or her parents that he has received “Laces” shoes.

We ask that the child write a thank you note or draw a picture of their new shoes and send their thank you to Laces of Love.

We usually have a few key volunteers at each school who facilitate Laces of Love distributions.