2021 Distribution


Collier County Schools
Shoes Sport Shoes Total
Elementary Schools 3,994 3,994
Middle Schools 886 36 922
High Schools 573 143 716
Other Agencies 2,753 2,753
Totals 8,206 179 8,385

Other Agencies Collier County: Baby Basics, Big Brother Big Sisters, CAC, Childer Home Society Day Care, David Lawerence, Dress for Success, Eva’s Closet, Friends of Foster Children Forever, Fun Time Nursery Naples, Garguilo Farms, Golden Gate Community Center, Golden Gate Parks and Recreation, Guadalupe Center, Guardian Ad Litem Collier, Helps Outreach Naples, Immokall Child Care, Immokalee Parks and Recreation, Migrant Center Immokalee, Naples New Horizons, New Beginnings Immokalee, Outreach Homeless Laison, Shelter for Abused Women, Special Olympics Collier, St. Matthew’s House, Well Fit Girls, YMCA Naples


Lee County Schools
Shoes Sport Shoes Total
Elementary Schools 3,837* 2,917
Middle Schools 724 456
High Schools 448 21 428
Other Agencies 1,354 1,868
Totals 6,333 21 6,354

* Includes shoes distributed through Lee County School District Office

Other Agencies Lee County: ACT Shelter Lee, Cafe of Life, Eva’s Closet, Foster Care Lee, Homeless Laison, Our Mother’s Home, Guardian Ad Litem, Marcy Raylor RN, New Horizons Super Kid Reading Camp, PACE Lee

Grand Total: 14,769


2022 Budget / based on 2021 Actuals
Income Expenses
Donations* $322,500. Fundraising Event Expenses $0
Interest $200. Insurance $3,250
Fees: State of FL $300
Website $500
Marketing $4,000.
Storage Units / Distribution $7,500.
Postage $650.
Office Supplies $150.
Shoes $305,000.
Socks $250.
Total Income: $322,700. Total Expenses: $322,600.
Net Operating Income: $100.

* We are trilled to receive monetary donations throughout the year and numerous donations at year end every year. We also receive donations of new shoes, which are not included here. There are included in our 990 which is available on Charity Navigator.